Next Level Trade
Made Easy

New cash grain trading platform, giving you true anonymity, real-time market depth, and instant contract booking with historic pricing data

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An Easier Way To Trade

It’s what you’ve been waiting for. Click-to-trade functionality for standard and non-standard cash trades.

Non-standard trades are completely customizable and counter offers are simple. Trading just became more fun.

Spend More Time Doing The Things That Matter

We do the dirty work so that you can enjoy all the benefits of automation. With digital contract data flowing into your systems, automated contract offsets, and auto contract pricing, you can make more time for innovation and growth.

Say farewell to manual data entry, phone tag and the associated headaches.

Instantly Visualize Your
Trade Book

You trade it, it’s there. Visualize upcoming shipment periods side by side with the contract data. Filter by counterparty, shipment window, commodity or any other parameter.

Need more stem or need to liquidate? No problem. A quick link will take you back to the trade screen from the contracts window for that exact product.

Real Market Data for Trade

With live and historical market data, quickly spot emerging trends for faster decision making with real-time, seamless mark-to-market valuations.

Accounting & Risk Management

The platform is your on-demand portal for a customized view of P&L, counterparty exposure, positions, and trade volumes. From the get-go, setup trade limits for your organization and individual traders that automatically keep activities in bounds.

Security is Our Lifestyle

Your security is our number one priority, we believe the security of your business is our business. If we seem paranoid about cybersecurity, you’ve got us right.

Our Story

Demeter was born like many companies

from a team hungry to help elevate user experience and facilitate the next level of digitization for commercial agriculture.

Our team has deep industry experience with time-tested know-how in bringing new platforms to life. Members of the Demeter team have worked throughout their careers to simplify systems and processes to make trade easy and have turned their sights on the cash trading market.

With a few familiar faces, we are here to help move trade to the next level.